Physiology and Hygiene

The House we Live in
A General View of the Body
The Inside of the Body
Our Foods
Unhealthful Foods
Our Drinks
How we Digest
Digestion of a Mouthful of Bread
Bad Habits in Eating
A Drop of Blood
Why the Heart Beats
How to Keep the Heart and the Blood Healthy
Why and How we Breathe
How to Keep the Lungs Healthy
The Skin and What it Does
How to Take Care of the Skin
The Kidneys and their Work
Our Bones and their Uses
How to Keep the Bones Healthy
The Muscles, and How we Use Them
How to Keep the Muscles Healthy
How we Feel and Think
How to Keep the Brain and Nerves Healthy
Bad Effects of Alcohol upon the Brain and Nerves
How we Hear, See, Smell, Taste; and Feel